Hands-on Heritage

HOW_Partner_HOH-390x250Hands-on Heritage specializes in creative projects that connect communities and conserve cultural legacies through interpretation and education. We offer a range of professional services, from historical research and archaeological survey to communication strategies and convergent media solutions.

On the web at http://www.HandsOnHeritage.com


Owned and operated by Robin Van Auken, Hands-on Heritage is a collaborative company operated by Robin and Lance Van Auken. We are project specialists with a combined background in education, archaeology, history, sports management, and communications.  We work with a variety of clients, from companies observing an anniversary to historical societies creating museum exhibits and interpretive panels, to communities celebrating centennial milestones.

We provide management support and services to complete projects within budget and on time. Our abilities include planning, coordinating, and implementing projects, coordinating activities, collaborating with team members, developing measurable goals and objectives, and monitoring progress from inception to opening day.