Diving In

Cliff Stevens opens up about his recent move to the area, diving into parts of the community, and how he has embraced the culture of Williamsport.

Diving In

Cliff StevensCliff Stevens and his wife, Veruschka, moved to the Williamsport area from center-city Philadelphia, and even though they have only been in the city a little over a year, they have felt a distinct welcome in the community.

They were searching for a new lifestyle outside of the one they had in Philadelphia, and they discovered Williamsport when they came into town for coffee while camping in Laporte, PA. Once they had a cup of Alabaster coffee, they were hooked.

After searching for loft apartments, they eventually connected with Mark Winkelman about building a loft apartment at the Pajama Factory. Now, after the remodeling and construction, you walk into the Stevens’ apartment and immediately feel like you are transported to a NYC loft. The design by Mark transformed a small space into one that is liveable, unique, and quintessential to the Pajama Factory vibe.

“My favorite memory is moving day,” Cliff says. “Six or seven people just wandered in and wanted to know who we were and just ended up hanging out on the couch and having conversation. It was just a really great experience.”

Something that Cliff says he admires is the merging of the beautiful locale with the big-city feel. He can look out his window and see the mountainous landscape while still pursuing his business, Culture Spots, which provides mobile web-based software for museums and galleries to use to provide their visitors with mobile audio tours.

Even in the small amount of time that he has been in Williamsport, Cliff has thrown himself into the art and music scene. He started the Williamsport Music Scene Summit, which was held last August.  At the summit,  17 people came out to share their music and ideas with people, such as Dave Brumbaugh and different orchestras in the community.

He’s also working on organizing Pajama Jam, which uses the community space in the Pajama Factory. There, musicians and bands can play on stage in front of a live audience without having to be concerned about people paying cover or buying drinks; they are just there to play and have people listen.

Cliff has become an example in the community for those who are new to the area and want to be involved. It’s all about finding something you are passionate about and putting your talents into that effort.

“I am excited about the future of Williamsport,” Cliff says, “There seems to be a momentum and we came at the tipping point.” He says that he believes there is going to be an explosion of fantastic things here, and that we can see it already happening. “I’m just excited to be a part of it,” Cliff concludes.