Community Woodshop

Members and founder John Meyer of the Pajama Factory’s Community Woodshop discuss the opportunities Williamsport has given them and their love for the woodshop.

Community Woodshop

Williamsport Community WoodshopThe Pajama Factory encompasses many different creative facets from small business owners, to entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, coffee lovers, but tucked in the back part of the building past the courtyard is a special place for people to use their hands and learn a new skill.

The Community Woodshop was started by John Meyer, who originally came to the Pajama Factory to rent a space for his own woodshop. When he mentioned wanting to bring in other members and perhaps teach some classes, he rallied a couple guys together to convert the space into a non-profit woodshop.

“It’s a kind of labor of love for me,” John says. He wanted to create a space that allowed residents of Williamsport to come in and learn how to use tools in a safe environment while also giving them the freedom to experiment with their projects.

When we sat down with John, he was joined by Robin Cupp and Diane Sennet. Both wanted to come to the woodshop because of their love for the craft and didn’t have the right space in their homes to create their own.

“I can come over here and create and if I have any questions there is always a monitor here so it’s like having your own private lesson,” Diane says.

The Woodshop is run by membership and each one is a different package with various benefits, which you can choose to pay for based on your needs in the woodshop. Even more than gaining the skills and knowledge of woodworking, the Woodshop is really a community of people who want to create things with their own hands. “Here, you get to visit with people and exchange ideas,” John comments.

All three agreed that what makes Williamsport so wonderful are opportunities like the woodshop, the wine and design, and other do-it-yourself establishments that can teach the community skills that they can then take home.

“It’s unique,” John says about the Woodshop.

“You can do almost anything here,” Diane concludes.

You can visit the Woodshop’s website at to learn how to obtain a membership or how you can become involved.