Local Black Community History Project Screening

Students in the Lycoming College FYS, Digital Storytelling, have spent the semester learning the art of digital storytelling and partnering with members of the local Black community to tell their stories. Please Join us for the premiere screening of their projects:

Local Black Community History Project Screening

Heart of Williamsport partner Richard James also is part of the program, as an interviewee and as a filmmaker.

“Several weeks ago Lynn Estomin of Lycoming College asked me to be part of a Williamsport Black History project of Digital Storytelling. I accepted. I am one of several black Williamsport residents participating in the project. I was paired with a freshman student to create a video about my life in Williamsport. During my initial conversation with the student, Kyra Beltrandi, I talked about my experiences in Williamsport. We decided to focus on the years 2005 to 2008. I gave Kyra, photos and film clips relating to that time, ” James said. “Since I am an amateur filmmaker, I decided to create my own film about my life in Williamsport, too. I finished my film and Kyra’s will be shown together. The students’ work (and mine) will be posted to a couple of websites as examples of Digital Storytelling. The Black History project is part of a larger initiative to collect stories from rarely heard voices in our community.  Lycoming College’s Black History Project contribution of student videos fit nicely into the Heart of Williamsport’s mission and will act as a jump start for the program.”

Student Partners:
Kaitlyn Adams, Kyra Beltrandi, Sophia Davis, Ryan Donofry, Bob Elia, Janiece Gonzalez, Jen Grove, Kelsea Kenniff, Sam Lamport, Jake Lewis, Perla Licona-Vazquez, Cali Miller, Chris Sniscak and Billie Strickler.

Community Partners:
Tonya Anderson, Sam Belle, Lucille Evans, Emily Gale, Velma Grimes, Vanessa Hunter, Linda Jackson, Richard James, Shaheed James, Marie Brown Maddox, Marguerite Royal, Spencer Sweeting, Janice Todd and Jeremiah Washington. The project also includes a story recorded by Mamie Sweeting Diggs in 2003.